Eggplantjourneys: BDE in a whole new word

Obtaining BDE during any moment

Yes, eggplantjourneys means BDE. I mean, eggplant = the D, obvious?

It's about confidence, not caring that you look like an eggplant and everybody wants you. When you can confidently walk into a room and ignore the shizzle, you 🍆 daily.

It's also about wearing women's sports shorts and letting it hang and nodding in agreement as others gasp as your barely covered purple knob...

Or it can mean an escape when times are tough for you and you just want something to laugh at. 

This is the Eggplantjourneys, how will you make it yours?

We get ours from the fact that each morning, we are still firm and purple. But it ain't forever and no doctor can promise you that. So use your personality to DEFINE you.